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Look here for pre-defined Equity & Stock Procedural Templates built on best-practices for public, non-profit, and private companies.
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Stock-Grant-Record-Reconciliation-Accounting-Template-Stock Option Grant
Stock Grant Record Reconciliation
Our Price: $19.99

Use this template for all employees approved for stock option grants by the Compensation Committee / Board Of Directors. Reconcile all newly granted or changed stock entries to ensure keying entry accuracy. more info
Certificate of Authority of Officers
Our Price: $19.99

Use this document to authorize an executive officer to instruct the Transfer Agent to issue stock. Authorization is restricted to those listed on the Certificate of Authority of Officers. more info
ASC 718 Valuations & Calculations / FAS123R Memo
Our Price: $19.99

Use this accounting template to document, review, and approve the valuation of stock-based compensation (ASC 718 Valuations & Calculations / FAS123R Memo). This document includes some standard language that is typically used to detail the ASC 718 Valuations & Calculations / FAS123R footnote disclosure. more info
Employee Stock Purchase Plans
Our Price: $19.99

Use this predefined accounting template to verify the eligibility of employees given their contributions to the Section 423 Employee Stock Purchase Plans to prevent contributions from exceeding IRS limits. more info
Issue / Repurchase Activity Authorization
Our Price: $19.99

Use this predefined accounting template to authorize the approval of stock option issuance or repurchase activity. more info
Share Cancellation
Terminated Employees Reconciliation- Share Cancellation
Our Price: $19.99

Use this template to reconcile share cancellation reports to ensure unvested, unexercised options have been cancelled for terminated employees. more info
Option Equity Grant Policy
Our Price: $29.99

Use this predefined Option Equity Grant policy template to ensure that new stock option grants are documented properly and option exercises and price are properly calculated. more info
Review of Exercised Stock
Our Price: $29.99

Use this predefined accounting template to review your company's exercised stocks to validate exercised stock options for proper calculation and for any tax implications. more info
Employee Trading Policy
Our Price: $39.99

Use this predefined Employee Stock Trading Policy to ensure appropriate and effective controls over stock option grants and exercises to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations. The policy covers trading by Officers, Directors, and all other employees. more info
Insider Trading Poilicy
Insider Trading Policy & Compliance Program
Our Price: $49.99

A 17 page insider trading policy on the definition of insider trading, the structure of an insider compliance program, detailed policy language on prohibiting insider trading, definition of what facts are material in an insider trading issue, what data is considered non-public, who is considered an insider, insider reporting requirements, what happens when trading is done by persons other than insiders, penalties for insider trading activities, recovery of profits under Section 16(b), how it applies to a company required to comply, prevention techniques, etc.This is a thorough policy that will provide your organization with a strong start to a complete insider trading compliance program. more info
Equity Procedure