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Entity Level Procedures.
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Audit Evidence - Check Signers Details Request
Our Price: $19.99

This document provides a template for creating audit evidence to prove the completeness, accuracy, and validity of check signers at your banking institution. This is a great policy for use as segregation of duties audit evidence for check signers.
Audit Evidence - New & Amended Contract Review Template
Our Price: $19.99

Use this contract template as evidence of the procedures around the review and approval of new or amended contracts. This is a great policy for use as segregation of duties audit evidence for contract approvals.
Mission Statement & Core Values
Our Price: $19.99

Use this predefined mission statement and core values template to define your Companies integrity and ethical values.
Audit Committee Review of Financial Statements
Our Price: $19.99

Use this predefined accounting template to evidence the Audit Committee reviews of financial statements and other financial information prior to external distribution for completeness and accuracy.
Board of Directors Approval of the Annual Budget
Our Price: $19.99

Use this predefined accounting template to evidence the anual budget review , approval, or amendment.
Continuing Education Approval Form
Our Price: $19.99

This form is intended to be used by employees requesting specific classes or training programs to take for continuing professional education (CPE) particularly with respect to new complex accounting policies. Authorized signature (or email) approval must be obtained.
Notification of Legislative Changes Form
Our Price: $19.99

This predefined accounting template is intended to be used by legal counsel to regularly update management on the implications of new legislation. The notification of legislative changes form helps keep employees informed.
Annual Hiring Budget Approval Form
Our Price: $19.99

Use this template to review and approve the annual hiring budget. This task is generally performed by Executive Management at Corporate and communicated to the appropriate people at all locations, and the approved annual hiring budget is stored by HR Management for future reference.This hiring budget template will better help the company keep within means of the targeted budget.
Hiring Budget Conformance Form
Our Price: $19.99

Use this hiring budget conformance form to compare the hiring activities for all locations to the hiring budget to ensure budgetary conformance.  If any locations or departments are over budget, use the sample discrepancy form to document.
Revenue Recognition - Customer Contract Review Log
Our Price: $24.99

Use this customer contract review form to track circumstances affecting the ability to relieve or defer revenue. This template is locked down (no password) and includes a change control worksheet to assist with spreadsheet control compliance.
Entity Level Procedures.