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SOP-V-SD-0006M   公司披露檢查清單 - Company Disclosure Checklist
SOP-V-SD-0005M   報告分析 SOC1 SSAE 16/SAS 70 - Report Analysis
SOP V-SD-374   Access Badge Request Form
SOP V-SD-254   Accounting Policy Template
SOP V-SD-171   Accounts Receivables Aging Review
SOP V-SD-265   Accrual & Reserves Policy
SOP V-SD-266   Accruals, Reserves, Commitments Checklist
SOP-V-SD-0003M   日記帳分錄說明 - Journal Entry Instructions
SOP-V-SD-0001M   會計政策 - Accounting Policy
SOP V-SD-307   Annual Hiring Budget Approval Form
SOP V-SD-211   Annual Incentive Metrics Form
SOP V-SD-356   Application Interface Form
SOP V-SD-326   Approval of Benefits Invoices
SOP V-SD-249   ASC 718 Valuations & Calculations / FAS123R Memo
SOP V-SD-290   Asset Impairment Calculation
SOP V-SD-286   Asset Purchase Authorization Request
SOP V-SD-215   Audit Committee Charter of Board of Directors
SOP V-SD-216   Audit Committee Review of Financial Statements
SOP V-SD-162   Audit Evidence - Accounts Receivable Module Posting Access Definitions
SOP V-SD-139   Audit Evidence - Check Run System Access Definitions
SOP V-SD-144   Audit Evidence - Check Signers Details Request
SOP V-SD-138a   Audit Evidence - Check Stock and Check Signing Equipment Access - China
SOP V-SD-138b   Audit Evidence - Check Stock and Check Signing Equipment Access - USA
SOP V-SD-441   Audit Evidence - Consideration of VIE Reconsideration
SOP V-SD-153   Audit Evidence - Customer Master File Access Definition
SOP V-SD-145   Audit Evidence - Editing Vendor Master File Data
SOP V-SD-159   Audit Evidence - Microsoft Dynamics AX - System Numbering Setup
SOP V-SD-155   Audit Evidence - New & Amended Contract Review Template
SOP V-SD-134   Audit Evidence - Oracle - 2 and 3-Way Match Configuration
SOP V-SD-133   Audit Evidence - Oracle - PO - PR Number Assignment Configuration
SOP V-SD-127   Audit Evidence - Oracle - Purchase Order - Requisition System Workflow Diagram- General Ledger System
SOP V-SD-149   Audit Evidence - Price List System Access Definitions
SOP-V-SD-148   Audit Evidence - Pricing and Discounting List Approvals
SOP-V-SD-126   Audit Evidence - Purchase Order - Requisition System Access Definitions
SOP V-SD-158   Audit Evidence - Sales Order Maintenance Access Definitions
SOP V-SD-152   Audit Evidence - Systematic Credit Limit Tracking
SOP-V-SD-247A   Audit Evidence - Transaction Authorization Access
SOP V-SD-363   Audit Evidence - User ID Definitions
SOP V-SD-142   Audit Evidence - Wire Transfer Setup Details Request
SOP V-SD-359   Automatic Disabling of Inactive Accounts
SOP V-SD-355   Back-Up Tape Restoration Memo
SOP V-SD-269   Balance Sheet & Sub Ledger Reconciliation Template
SOP V-SD-384   Bank Account Modifications Request Form
SOP V-SD-147   Bank Account Reconciliation Template
SOP V-SD-212   Board Independence Questionnaire
SOP V-SD-213   Board Member's Independence Workbook
SOP V-SD-217   Board of Directors Approval of the Annual Budget
SOP V-SD-219   Budget vs. Actual Review
SOP V-SD-205   Business Combinations Checklist
SOP V-SD-248   Certificate of Authority of Officers
SOP V-SD-315   Changes to Payroll Withholding Table Procedure
SOP V-SD-322   Check Number Distribution Sheet
SOP V-SD-137   Check Stock Number Distribution Tracking Sheet
SOP V-SD-258   Close Accounting Period/Reopen Period Request Form
SOP V-SD-206   Code of Conduct
SOP V-SD-207   Code of Conduct Employee Acknowledgement Form
SOP V-SD-281   Company Disclosure Checklist
SOP V-SD-385   Comprehensive Income Review
SOP V-SD-272   Consolidation of Financial Information
SOP V-SD-232   Continuing Education Approval Form
SOP V-SD-273   Corporate Request to Update Business Unit GL Numbers Change Request Form
SOP V-SD-169   Credit Memo Request Form
SOP V-SD-170   Credit Memo Review Template
SOP V-SD-164   Customer Account Posting Error Review
SOP V-SD-150   Customer Credit Application Form
SOP V-SD-151   Customer Credit Limit Tracking Review
SOP V-SD-179   Customer Data Form
SOP V-SD-168   Customer Invoicing Review Template
SOP V-SD-163   Customer Posting Review Template
SOP V-SD-353   Data Back-Up and Retention Log
SOP V-SD-352   Data Backup and Retention Policy
SOP V-SD-193   Deferred Revenue Review
SOP V-SD-346   Delivery Confirmation Stamp Procedure
SOP V-SD-289   Demonstration Materials, Products, and Machines Listings
SOP V-SD-129   Detailed Expense Report Form
SOP V-SD-282   Disclosure Committee Meeting Minutes
SOP-V-SD-0004M   逐月財務變化審查 - Month to Month Review of Financial Changes
SOP-V-SD-0002M   資產負債表和分類帳對帳範本 - Balance Sheet and Sub Ledger Reconciliation Template
SOP V-SD-301   Electronic Funds Transfer Form
SOP V-SD-328   Eligibility To Receive Commission Worksheet
SOP V-SD-229   Employee Background Check Form
SOP V-SD-311   Employee Data Change Form
SOP V-SD-312   Employee Data Change Reconciliation Report
SOP V-SD-227   Employee Handbook Sample
SOP V-SD-225   Employee Performance Review Form
SOP V-SD-251   Employee Stock Purchase Plans
SOP V-SD-234   Employee Suggestion Form
SOP V-SD-222   Employee Survey Results
SOP V-SD-223   Employee Survey Template
SOP V-SD-242   Employee Trading Policy
SOP-V-SD-331   Evaluation of Subcontractors and Vendors Policy
SOP V-SD-218   Executive Compensation Review
SOP V-SD-214   Financial Expert Questionnaire
SOP V-SD-274   Financial Statement to Trial Balance Reconciliation
SOP V-SD-367   Firewall and Router Security Policy
SOP V-SD-300   Fixed Asset Capitalization Policy
SOP V-SD-296   Fixed Asset Count Label
SOP V-SD-297   Fixed Asset Count Results
SOP V-SD-295   Fixed Asset Disposal Form
SOP V-SD-293   Fixed Asset Tag Listing
SOP V-SD-294   Fixed Asset Tagging Labels
SOP V-SD-302   Foreign Currency Policy
SOP V-SD-304   Foreign Currency Translation Checklist
SOP V-SD-256   General Ledger Chart Of Accounts Change Request Form
SOP V-SD-220   Grant of Signing Authority
SOP V-SD-208   Guidelines for Receiving and Investigating Reported Violations to the Code of Conduct Policy
SOP V-SD-308   Hiring Budget Conformance Form
SOP V-SD-167   Hours & Expense Timesheet Template
SOP V-SD-291   Impairment Memo
SOP V-SD-161   Incoming Check Log
SOP V-SD-240   Information Systems Reliability Attestation
SOP-V-CT-441   Insider Trading Policy & Compliance Program
SOP V-SD-303   International Draft Payment Request Form
SOP-V-SD-334   Inventory Movement Request Form
SOP V-SD-382   Investment Policy Example
SOP V-SD-383   Investment Transaction Review Form
SOP V-SD-136   Invoice Coding Review Stamp Template
SOP V-SD-252   Issue / Repurchase Activity Authorization
SOP-V-SD-348   IT Change Request Form: System / Applications / DB Changes
SOP V-SD-375   IT Help Ticket Log
SOP V-SD-376   IT Help Tickets Policy
SOP V-SD-283   Item 4 Quarterly Reporting Language Example
SOP-V-SD-284   Item 9 - Annual Reporting Language Example
SOP V-SD-224   Job Descriptions
SOP V-SD-260   Journal Entry Instructions
SOP V-SD-262   Journal Entry Reconciliation
SOP V-SD-263   Journal Entry Template
SOP V-SD-267   Judgments & Unusual Items Whitepaper
SOP V-SD-244   Key Performance Indicators
SOP V-SD-292   Labor and Direct Expense Costs
SOP V-SD-166   Labor Hours Review Template
SOP V-SD-317   Labor Hours Timesheet
SOP V-SD-298   Lease Agreement Review
SOP V-SD-299   Leasehold Improvements Listings
SOP V-SD-128   Manual Check Request Form
SOP V-SD-131   Manual Signature Example Sheet - Excel Version
SOP V-SD-131a   Manual Signature Example Sheet - Word Version
SOP V-SD-335   Material Service Costing Review
SOP-V-SD-442   Material Spreadsheet Review Worksheet
SOP V-SD-338   Material Storage Policy
SOP V-SD-194   Measurement and Allocation Checklist
SOP V-SD-210   Mission Statement & Core Values
SOP V-SD-271   Month-to-Month Review of Financial Changes
SOP V-SD-327   Monthly COBRA Payment Confirmation Form
SOP V-SD-360   Network Access Form
SOP V-SD-146   New - Update Domestic Vendor Data Approval Form
SOP V-SD-309   New Hire Checklist
SOP V-SD-235   Notification of Legislative Changes Form
SOP V-SD-230   Offer Letter Example
SOP V-SD-245   Option Equity Grant Policy
SOP V-SD-157   Order Review Checklist
SOP V-SD-364   Password Regulation
SOP V-SD-143   Payment Listing - Aging Reconciliation Template
SOP V-SD-324   Payroll Accrual Worksheet
SOP V-SD-313   Payroll Information Review Confirmation Form
SOP V-SD-319   Payroll Records Confirmation Form
SOP V-SD-320   Payroll Records Reconciliation Template
SOP V-SD-325   Payroll Withholdings and Employer Contributions Report
SOP V-SD-259   Period-End Close Checklist
SOP V-SD-231   Personnel Action Form
SOP V-SD-336   Physical Cycle Count Worksheet
SOP V-SD-337   Physical Inventory Management Policy
SOP V-SD-371   Physical IT Environment Review
SOP V-SD-132   PO - PR Manual Number Assignment / Tracking Template
SOP V-SD-275   Post-Close Adjustment Log
SOP V-SD-174   Price List Edit Access
SOP V-SD-285   Printed & Electronic Financial Statement Reconciliations
SOP V-SD-370   Production Schedule Review & Batch Job Listing
SOP V-SD-130   Purchase Order - Purchase Requisition Form
SOP V-SD-333   Quality Inspection Policy
SOP-V-SD-233   Quarterly Review of Risks & Financial Statement Assertions
SOP V-SD-270   Related Party Events and Transactions Review
SOP V-SD-243   Report on Internal Controls
SOP V-SD-236   Responsibilities of Compliance Officer Policy
SOP V-SD-342   Returned Materials Authorization Policy
SOP V-SD-195   Revenue Arrangements with Multiple Deliverables- SOP 97-2
SOP V-SD-156   Revenue Recognition - Customer Contract Review Log
SOP-V-SD-165   Revenue Recognition Policy
SOP V-SD-253   Review of Exercised Stock
SOP V-SD-288   Review of Fixed Assets Register
SOP V-SD-329   Review of Incoming Material
SOP-V-SD-343   RMA Number Assignment Log
SOP V-SD-344   RMA Number Request Form
SOP-V-SD-197   SAB 104 Checklist
SOP V-SD-172   Sales Force - Side Letter Certification
SOP V-SD-238   Sample Whistleblower Policy and Investigation Guidelines
SOP V-SD-330   Segregation of Received Material
SOP V-SD-349   Separate Development and Production Environments
SOP-V-SD-369   Server Security Policy
SOP V-SD-160   Shipping Accuracy & Revenue Recognition Review
SOP V-SD-198   SOP 97-2 Checklist
SOP V-SD-381   SSAE16 - SOC 1 - SAS 70 Analysis Instructions & Review Checklist
SOP V-SD-246   Stock Grant Record Reconciliation
SOP V-SD-268   Suspense Account Review
SOP-V-PD-467   System Development Life-cycle - Example -Addendum A
SOP-V-PD-466   System Development Life-cycle Example
SOP V-SD-350   System Development Life-cycle Issue Submittal & Tracking Form
SOP V-SD-351   System Development Lifecycle Package
SOP V-SD-358   System Intrusions Review
SOP V-SD-184   System Sequentially Numbering Review

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