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Financial Statement & Close Procedure Templates.
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Audit Committee Review of Financial Statements
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Use this predefined accounting template to evidence the Audit Committee reviews of financial statements and other financial information prior to external distribution for completeness and accuracy. more info
Board of Directors Approval of the Annual Budget
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Use this predefined accounting template to evidence the anual budget review , approval, or amendment. more info
Notification of Legislative Changes Form
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This predefined accounting template is intended to be used by legal counsel to regularly update management on the implications of new legislation. The notification of legislative changes form helps keep employees informed. more info
Stock-Grant-Record-Reconciliation-Accounting-Template-Stock Option Grant
Stock Grant Record Reconciliation
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Use this template for all employees approved for stock option grants by the Compensation Committee / Board Of Directors. Reconcile all newly granted or changed stock entries to ensure keying entry accuracy. more info
ASC 718 Valuations & Calculations / FAS123R Memo
Our Price: $19.99

Use this accounting template to document, review, and approve the valuation of stock-based compensation (ASC 718 Valuations & Calculations / FAS123R Memo). This document includes some standard language that is typically used to detail the ASC 718 Valuations & Calculations / FAS123R footnote disclosure. more info
Close-Accounting Period-Reopen-Period-Accounting-Template
Close Accounting Period/Reopen Period Request Form
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Use this accounting template to grant permission to close or reopen an accounting period. Business units that have an independent accounting system must gain written permission from Corporate headquarters. Include the written permission in the month-end close documents submitted. more info
Consolidation of Financial Information
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A review is performed to ensure all data from non-headquarter business units/entities are captured and properly consolidated.  Evidence of the review is indicated via a signature by a manager-level person within the accounting department on the month-end close schedules provided by the business units/entities.  All signed month-end close checklists are included in Corporate headquarters month-end close binder. more info
Financial Statement to Trial Balance Reconciliation
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Financial statements are reconciled to the trial balance that includes consolidated information (if applicable).  The trial balance is prepared directly from the general ledger.  The reconciled numbers tie to the support in the month-end close binder.  The completed review is signed by a manager-level person in the accounting department as evidence of approval.  The approved document is stored in the month-end close binder. more info
Printed & Electronic Financial Statement Reconciliations
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The financial statements and related disclosures, in print and electronic form, are reconciled to the approved financial statements, trial balance, and supporting information prior to final publishing, printing, or electronic submission.  Management and the Audit Committee review and approve the financials and related disclosures in a timely manner. more info
Impairment Memo
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Use this memo template to review the valuation and reliability of fixed assets (buildings, machinery, software, etc.) at all locations (if applicable) to identify and properly record permanent impairments. Include this memo in the month-end close documents and submit to Corporate headquarters. Corporate's memo is stored in the month-end close binder. more info
Financial Statement & Close Procedure