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Continuing Education Approval Form
Our Price: $19.99

This form is intended to be used by employees requesting specific classes or training programs to take for continuing professional education (CPE) particularly with respect to new complex accounting policies. Authorized signature (or email) approval must be obtained. more info
Employee Stock Purchase Plans
Our Price: $19.99

Use this predefined accounting template to verify the eligibility of employees given their contributions to the Section 423 Employee Stock Purchase Plans to prevent contributions from exceeding IRS limits. more info
Annual Hiring Budget Approval Form
Our Price: $19.99

Use this template to review and approve the annual hiring budget. This task is generally performed by Executive Management at Corporate and communicated to the appropriate people at all locations, and the approved annual hiring budget is stored by HR Management for future reference.This hiring budget template will better help the company keep within means of the targeted budget. more info
Hiring Budget Conformance Form
Our Price: $19.99

Use this hiring budget conformance form to compare the hiring activities for all locations to the hiring budget to ensure budgetary conformance.  If any locations or departments are over budget, use the sample discrepancy form to document. more info
Employee Data Change Form
Our Price: $19.99

Use this Employee Data Change Form to note changes in an employee's data, including personal information, licenses or certifications, leave-of-absence, and more. Because of the sensitive nature of the information, this file is to be restricted to authorized personnel at each location. more info
Employee Data Change Reconciliation Report
Our Price: $19.99

Use this form to ensure HR Management at all locations reconciles all documented terminations from the "Termination Checklists" and payroll record changes from the "Employee Data Change Forms" for the period. Document any discrepancies and attach any supporting documentation to this form. The review is signed by the HR Manager at all non-corporate locations as evidence of accuracy and approval and forwarded to Corporate Headquarters for final review/approval and storage in the HR Binder. more info
Payroll Information Review Confirmation Form
Our Price: $19.99

Use this form to document the departmental managers that  have access to view listings and payroll information for their current employees within their departments.  Departmental employees also have access to view their own information. more info
Changes to Payroll Withholding Table Procedure
Our Price: $19.99

This document is intended to ensure payroll withholding data is accurate and in compliance with statutory requirements.  Data used to change payroll withholding tables is obtained from primary sources (e.g., the IRS).  All changes are supported and reconciled to the source data to ensure keying accuracy.  The reconciliation is reviewed/approved by Corporate HR Management, evidenced via a signature, and stored in the Month-end Close Binder for future reference. more info
Timesheet Review
Our Price: $19.99

Use this form to ensure timesheets have been reviewed for proper management approval and reconciled to the payroll system by Payroll Management to ensure data transfer / keying accuracy.  Variations between payroll master files and the timesheets are investigated and appropriate action is taken as necessary. more info
Third Party Data Exchange Confirmation Form
Our Price: $19.99

Use this template form to confirm data exchanges between third parties are properly controlled to ensure data privacy and accuracy.  A review is performed by Payroll Management to ensure data exchanges occurred accurately and completely.  The review is signed by Payroll Management as evidence of review/approval and stored for future reference. more info